Focus on Iran

How to choose your next trip ?

Two years ago, I posted one question on my Facebook account : Sri Lanka, Nepal or Iran ? I couldn’t make a choice so I let people choose for me. Few minutes after, I had a text from one of my friend. “If you are going to Iran, I’ll go with you”. As soon as I read it, I booked my flight and ten days after, I was waiting for my friend in Teheran.

Life during Ramadan

When you live in a country as Kuwait, you have to be prepared to live with the religion. Obviously, there are the pray calls and all the Muslim days that you are not used to in your country, but for me the biggest shock is always during Ramadan. This year, the holy month was during summer. How can we live when it’s 50 degrees outside and to eat and to drink are liable to a fine… even a few days in jail ?

Dusty days

I really like to be in Kuwait, there are more advantages than cons in my opinion. But there is one thing I really hate here : the dusty days and storm dust. A few months before going to Kuwait, I checked a lot the weather and I was surprised and curious reading that, some days, it was dusty.

The city life

Yesterday, with one my french friend, we were talking about what we miss the most from France. The conclusion was that we miss walking, walking around in the street and going to nowhere. In Paris, it’s possible to do everything by walking : the streets are pedestrians friendly, even if we can still criticize the sidewalks. But, if we look at the big picture, France is a country where it’s possible to do everything from walking.