Friendships when you live abroad

In the beginning, I wanted to talk about departures. How do you deal with it ? How do you protect yourself from it ? And… impossible for me to write about it. Because… you can’t deal with it and you can’t protect yourself from it. You just get used to it. But I often talked about friendships with my friends in France and my family. Even if the friends I’ve met here. What kind of friendships do you create when you live abroad ?

Social medias in Kuwait

Social media took a huge space everywhere in the world. Social showcase which has to be perfect, nobody asks for your phone number anyone. They ask for your Instagram or Facebook account. Do you have Snapchat? What’s your name on Instagram? Before living in Kuwait, social media were kind of a photo album. I used to post to remember. But here, in the sandpit, things are really different. Short reflexion about the use of social media in a country in the Gulf.

And you, what do you do ?

Last time, I was talking to a guy on Instagram. At some point, he sent me a voice note saying that, basically, my Instagram profile wasn’t clear for him. He can see that I love burgers and I am a traveler, and so ? What do I do ? I am a traveler who eats burgers ? He doesn’t understand. So he ended the note asking me the big question… So, what do you do ?

What if we started learning something new in 2019 ?

Here we are ! 2019 started. We all took our new resolutions ! Walk way are full of people by new morning runners, gym just made their best money… Books about losing weight are out of stock in every library et we all made this promise : in 2019, we will take care of ourselves. Me, for this year, I decided to learn something new.

November 2018

November 2018 was really weird. I can’t find a proper word to describe this month. And it’s a really hard work to talk about each month… You have to do your best to not stay focus on only one thing and talk about it in a really objective way. To see what I plans I had for November, you can read it here ! If I want to make it short : in November 2018, it rained a lot and I took a Netflix account.

How did I give up a bit on the environmental question

I’ve been educated being respectful for the planet. Without thinking about it a lot, I took good daily habits to preserve our lovely planet. And year after year, I started really think about it and I slowly became kind of extreme about it. Vegan and really careful about global warming, my goal was to reach the zero waste way of life. And then, I landed in Kuwait…