Why Bali is my favorite place on Earth ?

The first time I went to Bali, it was in March 2013. I arrived there for my 24th birthday. My mom gifted me a night in a villa with my own pool. It was after four months travelling around Asia with Juliette, and I just needed a bit of comfort. I didn’t know this day, and I realized it later but this first night was the beginning of a big and long love story.

Focus on Iran

How to choose your next trip ?

Two years ago, I posted one question on my Facebook account : Sri Lanka, Nepal or Iran ? I couldn’t make a choice so I let people choose for me. Few minutes after, I had a text from one of my friend. “If you are going to Iran, I’ll go with you”. As soon as I read it, I booked my flight and ten days after, I was waiting for my friend in Teheran.