And you, what do you do ?

Last time, I was talking to a guy on Instagram. At some point, he sent me a voice note saying that, basically, my Instagram profile wasn’t clear for him. He can see that I love burgers and I am a traveler, and so ? What do I do ? I am a traveler who eats burgers ? He doesn’t understand. So he ended the note asking me the big question… So, what do you do ?

I am really anxious about the fact that I have no passions. It was a resolution for 2019, to stop trying everything and stick to one thing.

You can make money with everything.

You have to know something about Kuwait. Everything can be a business. I could write an article about how confident are most of the Kuwaitis. If you talk with a Kuwaiti about something, he will think about how to make money with it. So, social media are a way to make money.

You know how to make washable wipes ? Sell it.

You know how to play piano ? Be a piano teacher.

You do a lot of sports ? Be a personal trainer.

You are beautiful ? Be a model.

But don’t do anything for free.

So, this guy, serial – creator, doesn’t understand my profile and asks me what I do. And this question… makes me really really anxious and nervous. 

Your passions are more interesting than your job.

In France, we are our job. If I am a teacher, I teach. If I am an accountant, I count. This blog doesn’t make me be a blogger because I don’t earn money with it.

Here in Kuwait, it doesn’t work like this. To be a blogger, you just need a blog. It’s even better : to be a blogger, you just have to introduce yourself as one. 

Kuwaitis who are passionate about something will never talk about their job first. Yasser, the photographer, talked about his job only because I asked. And we didn’t talk a lot about it. It’s the same with Ahmed with who I spoke about running and sports before knowing his job !

So here, when people ask me what do I do, I don’t really how to answer. In a French way, I am a teacher, and you ? or in a Kuwaiti way, I am a blogger, and you ?

Working in Oz Coffee Kuwait

But well, what do I do then ?

After this conversation, I thought a lot about all of it. Because, it’s true, what do I do ? I am writing this article in this coffee shop perfect for Instagram. Tables are in wood, chairs in wrought iron. There is books about coffee everywhere. Against the wall, leather sofas (comfy but not for the whole day) and when I ordered a coffee French press, please, the barista asked me if I wanted the coffee from Colombia or Uruguay.

Does the fact that I am in this coffee to write this article makes me be a blogger ? If I take a picture of this place, use a Lightroom preset and post it on Instagram, will I be an influencer ?

Well.. It can be.

Except that, to be honest, I don’t want to sell myself. I don’t want to sell my life. It’s OK to share my experience about being a French expat in Kuwait. But my life, my intimacy are priceless.

Otherwise, it’s true : writing article and taking care of an instagram account take a lot of time. You need to post, comment, like, share to be known. You always have to be active because everything goes fast on Internet. It takes time. And we all would like to be payed for what we do for others. 

But so, what do I do ? Well… I share. What do I share ? I share my life. I share my journey in Kuwait. Most of the time, I write about the way I see the world and how it changed since I am in the sandpit. And I also share my personal thoughts and how they changed. I feel grateful because I received more and more messages from readers being thankful. Because, when I share my thoughts, you can think about your position in life too.

And so, who I am ?

Obviously, what I do is also who I am. I have a friend, he was obese before. He lost a lot of weight and started going to the gym a lot. So now he is full of muscles (really, it’s a lot !) and he is a personal trainer. He resigned for his past job to be a full time personal trainer.

We were talking about one of his client, this client is obese. And while talking, he told me that he could understand this client. He doesn’t judge him. And he told me that he was more a life-changer than a personal trainer. 

Obviously, I am a bit naughty, and so I made a bit fun of him. But, after it, I realized that, yes, he changes peoples’ lives. Yeah, conversations I have with my friends help me a lot thinking about who I am.

So me, in the mornings, I am a teacher. And I have all my afternoons to do whatever I want to do. To be whoever I want to be. I have in Kuwait something I’ve never had before : plenty of time. So, what do I do with all this time ?

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

One goal : to change the world.

When I was at the university, I took a journalism class, because I wanted to prepare the admissions for journalism schools. The first question our professor asked was why ? Why do you want to be a journalist ? He told us that if the answer wasn’t clear, the job wasn’t for us. He told us that he became a journalist because he wanted to change the world.

Well, I am a teacher and not a journalist. So you understand easily that my answer wasn’t clear enough… And, to be honest, I had no idea about why I wanted to be a journalist.

Since that day, the why is always in my mind. For everything I want to do, I keep asking myself why ? After I wrote the article about the environmental question, I kept thinking about it.

And I realized one thing. I spend my time shaming Kuwait and Kuwaitis. Kuwaitis use too much plastic bags, Kuwaitis don’t sort their trash, Kuwaitis don’t do that and Kuwaitis don’t do this. And then, I started being ashamed.

Because Kuwaitis are me fifteen years ago. I know we can change things. Things changed in fifteen years in France. And I know how to change it. Except that, instead of sharing, I kept everything for me and I shamed the current situation in Kuwait.

I know it’s not good for the planet but I bought a race car. I know it’s not good, but I also used tons of plastic bags when I arrived in Kuwait.

Stop criticizing, start acting.

I did a complete story on Instagram about the basics we all could do to be environmental friendly. And I received a lot of comments about it from Kuwaitis. They just never thought about it. Because nobody explained them what to do.

They are, like everybody, aware about the situation. They are on social medias so they see videos about how the ice is melting everywhere. But they don’t know from where to start. Because nobody explained them what to do.

I am French, but I also was a bit lost in front of the different trash when I started sorting my garbages. I had to take the habit of having a reusable bag in my car for when I will do my groceries. 

Nobody is born being ecologically conscious. We all had to learn what to do. So why we keep judging instead of teaching ? So now, I know what I want to do. I want to change the world. 

Something to say ? :)