November 2018

November 2018 was really weird. I can’t find a proper word to describe this month. And it’s a really hard work to talk about each month… You have to do your best to not stay focus on only one thing and talk about it in a really objective way. To see what I plans I had for November, you can read it here ! If I want to make it short : in November 2018, it rained a lot and I took a Netflix account.

Successful challenges !

The biggest challenge of this month was, without any hesitation, the half-marathon ! To be honest, I didn’t believe I could do it. But I crossed the finish line ! And I spent the whole day in such a huge joy ! I went to a restaurant to eat alone for the first time of my life and I ate the biggest dessert ever. And then I cried so many times because I was proud of me.

A friend of mine told me that it gave her the will to run a half-marathon too. So we will do a relay race and a 10km race together. I am happy because this kind of impressive sporty person. I am really the girl next door. If I did this half-marathon, everybody can do it. I think I would love to be inspiring for women who think they can’t do it.

I didn’t smoke again ! In September, I decided to quit smoking. I talked about it after six weeks and now it been exactly sixty five days since I took this decision. I will write another article later on.

Accomplished goals

In my article for October, I talked about something I really wanted to do that didn’t was about me only. I was in touch with an amateur photographer who wanted to collaborate with me. I am really shy and really not comfortable in front of a camera so, believe me, it was a really hard challenge.

I think November was for me a big step about self-acceptance. To be a model is a real job, it’s really not easy. It was really hard for me to look natural in front of the camera ! I did it and maybe I will do it again, and maybe one day I will be really comfortable in front of the camera. Selfies are really easy because I can see what I am picturing. I can control it. But not knowing what he is taking in picture… ouch ! So hard ! Now, he is editing the picture, so I still don’t know how it will goes.

If you follow me on instagram, you saw that I do more and more stories. It’s easier for me to share my thoughts like this – I am thinking about opening a YouTube Channel to talk about living abroad – and it’s a way to accept my face. It’s a really hard exercise. I can hide all my imperfections with a selfie but it’s really hard to hide it on a video ! I am trying, with the stories, to be a little bit more human and normal, instead of always being controlling everything on selfies.

But an awful weather

So I knew it but this month confirmed me that I was really influenced by things I can’t control. The weather, for example. It rained a lot during this month. There were floods, schools were closed, we received texts from the government saying that we should stay home. Outside was dangerous.

Impossible to go out for running, impossible to take my car. A race car in that flood ? Never. I was just waiting. So my mood wasn’t really stable. Hard for me to leave this depressed – and depressing – mood.

Impossible to follow my daily routine and I am like kids : routine is really important for me. So, I took a Netflix account. So it killed my productivity. I watched Money Heist, a lot of movies. Now I am watching Bates Motel and I can’t stop it. So I am trying to go out when the weather is good but this Netflix addiction makes me depressed more. Do you see the vicious circle ?

And for December ?

So in December, I will share my time between Kuwait and Paris. Here in Kuwait, I would love to enjoy the nice weather to run or walk. So I have to prepare two races. For the first time since a long time, I have a time goal for the 5km. 

In Paris, I would love to avoid the hospital this time. Obviously I would love to say hi to the Eiffel Tower, and eat all the croissant I will find in every Parisian bakeries. It’s also about eating a lot of cheese and chestnut. And if, in this story, there is a good steak and a cordon bleu, I am definitely up for it ! Who said that French people were obsessed by food ?

For the blog, I have a short list of articles I would love to write for the next weeks. I will do my best to keep doing stories on Instagram, and I would love to not be shy and speak in English in front of the camera ! But this… sounds kind of hard !

And you ? What are your plans for December ? Ready for 2019 ?

Something to say ? :)