October 2018

I see it on a few blogs and I think it’s a good thing to do. I will write about October 2018 : what did I do and what did I learn ? And also, let’s write about the goals for November. If you want to read again what I wrote about September 2018, it’s juste here ! October was really weird, a lot of mixed feelings… 

A lot of new resolutions

I decided to quit smoking and I asked a friend of mine to run the half-marathon with me. So … I will have to run 21,1 kilometers really soon. I started a plan to be able to do it, as I went seriously in a healthy lifestyle.

My goal was to walk 10 000 steps per day. I didn’t do it. Some days, I walked 15 000 and others only 5 000 or 7 000. So think, if we average, I did the 10 000 steps per day. But my goal was to walk them for real, not average. Anyways, I realized that it’s hard to say no for a dinner or a drink just because you need to do 2 000 steps more. I can’t.

I had written “to quit smoking” and “be more active daily” in my resolutions list for October 2018. For both of them, I am not really proud. I’ve been more active daily but not as much as I wanted. And I did quit smoking but … ok, I will write an article about it soon. It was harder than I expected.

To get out of my comfort zone

For the first time since I am in Kuwait, I went alone to have a coffee in a coffee shop. I took my laptop and I went there to write articles for the blog you are reading. Weird to realize how people don’t care about what you do and with who you are.

In that way, I met someone who showed a nice co-working place. Obviously, I will have to go there alone one day. I will be alone and the place will be full, it’s one of my challenge. But not for this month. It was nice to meet him. It’s rare – so it’s precious – to meet someone with who you can talk about everything. And I think if I had met him in Paris, we would have been friends.

I didn’t spend a lot of time at home, always had this feeling that I am always running somewhere. I feel I am running after time. I enjoyed it but it was a bit tiring. And so, I didn’t have enough time to talk with my people in France. It’s always a weird feeling : I am happy to be busy in Kuwait but at the same time… I miss my French guys.

Necessary holidays

And I went to Bali. Bali is a special place for me. If you follow me on Instagram (if not, it’s just here !) you saw the pics I posted on my stories. Are we all ok to say that the God’s island is so beautiful ?

In the middle of October, I learned something disturbing for me. Nothing really serious for me and nothing really important. But enough to make me feel that I needed to leave. So my holidays in Bali were really important for me. I took a break, thought about who I was and what I wanted to be and now I am ready for November !

What about November ?

First of all, I will have to run this half marathon. I have to keep going with the quit smoking part.

Then, and it’s the biggest challenge of the month. I have to do my best to not be depressed because of this weather. The rain, the cold and the short days tend to make me feel really depressed. I will try to get out of my comfort zone – again – but it’s not only about me. So I can’t say more about it ! You have to be a bit patient !

I will obviously keep writing on this blog, keep thinking about my expatriate life. By the way, I am thinking about writing some portraits of people who live in Kuwait. Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis. Will you be interested ? Tell me what you think about it !

And you ? What are your goals for November ? How was October ?


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