How I stopped having fears of trying new things

A few years ago, Mathilde decided to live abroad. I met Mathilde in high school and we don’t talk anymore. It’s just life, there is no reason, but I keep our conversations in mind. Mathilde is a young lady, really sweet and quiet. A bit discreet but really brave. When I think about her again, I realized that I learned a lot from her. But why do I talk about Mathilde ? Only because she is the one thanks to I am not scared to do new things. I’ll tell you how.

October 2018

I see it on a few blogs and I think it’s a good thing to do. I will write about October 2018 : what did I do and what did I learn ? And also, let’s write about the goals for November. If you want to read again what I wrote about September 2018, it’s juste here ! October was really weird, a lot of mixed feelings… 

Why Bali is my favorite place on Earth ?

The first time I went to Bali, it was in March 2013. I arrived there for my 24th birthday. My mom gifted me a night in a villa with my own pool. It was after four months travelling around Asia with Juliette, and I just needed a bit of comfort. I didn’t know this day, and I realized it later but this first night was the beginning of a big and long love story.