September 2018

I see it on a few blogs and I think it’s a good thing to do. I will write about September 2018 : what did I do and what did I learn ? And also, let’s write about the goals for October.

September went really fast. For me, it’s the weirdest month. Every day is long and nice, but the complete month finishes so quickly.

Back home

It’s weird to be back home after two months. I went back in my flat, my plants were dead – I tried all the tips I found on Internet to water them even if nobody’s here – sheets were dirty. My fridge was empty and I didn’t have food at all. I had to get back my car – call, find a moment, wait for them to deliver it – to be able to do groceries.

I spent time on my neighbor’s sofa, and in my favorite café with Thomas. We got our salary for three months in June, so you have to be careful and save some money from when you will be back in the desert. It’s hard to speak again in English after two months only speaking in French. The body gets used to the 50 degrees outside and the really-cold-AC inside.

The last time I had a bad weather with a grey sky was back in December 2017. My mood is the best ever.

Back to school

It’s the back to school moment : I meet my colleagues after two months. I meet the new ones. But most important : I meet the little cuties I will spend my year with. Every September, I forget how the beginning of the year is hard.

In June, we left kids who are ready for Grade 1 and in September we have kids from KG1. I am the kind-teacher-who-hug-the-kids so my class is always full of shy kids. It means that at the beginning of the year, they are not noisy at all. Really quiet, I am in front of kids who look at me with their big eyes open. I feel I have to do a comedy in front of them.

And then, during summer they forget a lot of things. So you have only one question : what did they not forget ? It seems what they did last year doesn’t exist anymore. It comes back after a few times but let’s be honest : the beginning of the year is really really tiring. We have to explain again all the rules of the class, go back again on  what they did in KG1 and we are slowly ready for a new year.

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My mom’s visit

I left three years ago, so I lived three birthday far from my family. How do I celebrate birthdays ? I send gifts or flowers and I watch the videos and pictures on social media. My favorite person in this world deserves more than this, but I can’t do anything else. This year, during summer, we talked about when she will come, how long… She came for ten days in my desert.

Ten really busy days. It lets me see the Kuwait in another way. One advice for all the expat : invite people to visit you when you are bored of your country. You will see it with a new eye. When I saw my mom astonished in front of the desert, I realized I was living an experience !

We went to the beach, we are a lot, we went to the desert, she rests – it was her holidays ! – we visited malls and I took good care of her. As much as I could. The airport is always a hard step for me, I only drop her in front of the door. It’s impossible for me to go inside this airport to say goodbye.

And for October ?

After three full years in Kuwait, I realized in September that,with time, we can enjoy the country. We run a lot after money here and we don’t enjoy as much as we could the time we have. We don’t enjoy as much as we can the sun, people and the nice and easy life. I decided for this year to enjoy my time in Kuwait.

It’s OK if I spend all my money. I think about my next holidays, I take appointments for manicure, for massages, I go to the beach, spend time in Café and run in the morning. It’s like the Kuwaiti Slow Life.

I quit smoking so I will continue in September ! And I decided to do the 10 000 steps per day Challenger. We can follow the journey on Instagram and be part of it ! I lost fifteen kilos in one year and a half and I am really scared of gaining it again.

The new year starts for me in September, not in January. It’s the month I take better decisions in my life. So this time, I did a list of what I want to do during this scholar year. So, I decided to :

  • Quit smoking
  • Be more active daily
  • Travel a little bit more
  • Take more time for me and less for work !
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

And you ? When do you take your decisions ?

And by the way ! You can find me on Instagram for more pictures of my daily life in Kuwait ! See you there !


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