Kuwait : a country with a thousand faces

The first thing you see when you live in Kuwait is the mix between traditions and modernity. In Kuwait City, you can see huge skyscrapers illuminated and, not so far, the souk Al-Mubarakyia. You can see huge roads in the desert, and you will see camels crossing those roads and, not so far, huge city being built.

The country is small. There are no forests, no lakes, no rivers. Only sand, sand, sand and the sea on your side.

There is construction everywhere, the country is not finished yet, it’s still under construction. It’s like a construction site which never ends. Shops open and close and every area change every two months.

Beaches in Kuwait

If you are a woman who wants to wear bikinis, you will have to pay. Don’t wear a bikini on the public beach. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s allowed or no, but you will not enjoy your time. Everybody will look at you in a really weird way. In Shaab, next to Al Corniche Club, there is a beach, it’s 5KD and you can spend the day there. There is Chaise Longue and tables and chair. You can buy food and drinks inside. Obviously it’s crowded. On Friday it’s only for Families of ladies alone. Don’t try to go in if you are a man.

Or, you can drive one hour or more to find one of the secret beach. To go to mine, it’s around one hour and half from my house, but I am alone enjoying the sand and the sea there !

Kuwait beach
My secret beach – full of trash unfortunately
kuwait beach
My secret beach in Kuwait
One day at the beach – yeah I am wearing a Bikini !

Kuwait City : tradition and modernity

In Kuwait City, we walk surrounded by huge skyscraper. You can’t avoid or miss it ! At night, they are full of lights and during the day, they are so tall, it’s impressive. It’s impossible to take pictures of it because they are too tall.

And, in the middle of everything, there is the souk Al-Mubarakyia. It’s the oldest souk in Kuwait. There is a strong fish smell, a lot of fruits, vegetables and dates market. It’s authentic. It’s like you are in another world, in another time. Not in Kuwait anymore. Outside, the chairs and tables are in plastic, and you can eat for only 2KD per person.

Restaurants in the Souk

Roads in the middle of the desert

And, in the middle of everything, roads. Huge highways going to Saudi Arabia or Iraq. We drive in the middle of the desert and we can see camels walking in the desert. There are small shops selling floating boats when we drive to the chalets next to the beaches while there is only sand when we drive to the countryside.

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