My fourth back to school

I talked a lot about my life in Kuwait. How I live in this unknown country or about the city life. And I never posted in this moods category. I think it’s because I am a bit shy… So, here we are ! First article. To be more than just Liz in Kuwait. To give you the chance to know me a little bit more.

From the airport…

The 29 of August, I have to be at Orly. It’s funny because even if I am used to it, I am always a bit panicked when I have to catch a flight. If I was the one who decided everything, I will be at the airport the day before my flight ! I have my suitcase full, the cat is with me in his small bag.

It’s hard to find a company who allows cats in cabin. So, my lion and me take always Pegasus Airlines. I find the flight always really long, a part is during the night, there is no screen and I am too sleepy to read… From Paris to Istanbul and after from Istanbul to Kuwait. I am lucky, for the first fight, I have three seats just for me, I can lay down. However, the second is full.

My baby cat in the plane

It’s never agreeable to arrive in Kuwait. The airport is really bad. But this time, I am the first one on the line for the customs. They check my passport really fast. The guy asks me if I am a teacher, I answer that I work at the French School. He laughs and says that he wants to learn French. I smile and wish him good luck because it’s really not an easy language… and I think he should first learn English !

My cat is heavy on my shoulder but I feel like home. The mess in the airport, men wearing dishdasha, small talks with strangers while waiting for the luggages. Everything seems more friendly than in Paris even if it’s really messy. Two hours waiting for the luggages. I ask a Kuwaiti if there is a place to smoke, he asks someone who work in the airport. The guy explain that, because of constructions, they closed all the small smoking room but you can smoke in the toilet. Welcome to Kuwait, where rules are made to not be followed.

Two hours later, he helps me with my suitcase and ask me if I need help to go back home. I have a friend who is waiting for me outside, so no, I don’t need any help. I am in front of Caribou Café, looking for my friend. The first Kuwaiti come back to insist, I can drop you home, and I am like, no really, thank you, it’s really nice, my friend is coming. I am not confident in English, I can’t find my words easily. After two words only speaking in French, it’s hard to speak English in a natural way.

… to home.

I find my friend, he is smiling. He is always smiling. He waited for two hours, but he smiles. I have dark circles around my eyes, I am tired. I feel I am a mop. We take his car, the cat, still in his bag, starts to be bored and starts meowing. The sun is already up, it’s six in the morning. I see again the weird landscape from Kuwait. My friend is sorry, it’s not like in Paris. For me, it’s just different. I feel like home, at the place I have to be. After twenty minutes driving in a Kuwait who is slowly waking up, I am home.

In my flat, the A/C is ON, it’s cold. There is water in the fridge. My bed is made, my plants are dead. I open the bag for the cat, water my plant, leave the suitcase in the middle of the living room. I take a shower and go to bed. My cat jumps on the bed, happy to be back home. And so I am.

I woke up around twelve, I ate, unpacked, got back my car and went back to sleep. It’s always weird to come back, after two months. Sometimes, I feel like I am stuck between two lives. Life in France and life in Kuwait. But, in the silence of this flat, I feel like home.

I went to sleep early on Thursday to wake up early on Friday. School starts again on Sunday and I want to be back in the routine. I went for a walk next to the sea, to feel the heat warm up (burn) my skin and feel the sea wind.

My flat view. The humidity makes everything blurry

And then, it’s back to the routine : groceries, cooking. I passed by my neighbor’s house – slippers and pajamas – she is fostering a cat for two months. The daily life in Kuwait…

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