Twelve days in Iran – Part 2

On my first post, I left you in Yazd, small town in the middle of the desert. We stayed there two days, it was so hot and my hair started to be full of knots because of the scarf !

Arrived in Shiraz

We said bye to our guide and took the night bus to go to Shiraz. I won’t talk about the night bus for long : I hate it but it’s a nice way to save a night in a hotel and to not waste time during the day time.

We arrived in Shiraz early in the morning and I remember that it was hard for us to find an hotel… Most of the hotels were full, so we had to walk around for a long time before finding a place to leave our backpack. We only had two days and one night in Shiraz so we decided to stay in Shiraz for the first day and then go to Persepolis.

After we left our bags in safety in the room, we went to walk around in the city. I went to Shiraz for the Pink Mosque, the famous Mosque Nasir-Ol-Molk. If your look for it on Google Picture, you will see really beautiful shots. When the light come inside by the wonderful windows, it’s really amazing. But to see this show, you have to go in the morning… During the day, it’s a beautiful Mosque but not as beautiful as you an see on picture. The ceiling are full of details and it’s quite amazing.

Ceiling in  Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque.

After, we went to the Shah Cheragh. It’s a mosque and a mausoleum. At the entrance, my friend and me got separated : women on a side, men on the other. At the security check, the girl forced me to drink the water I had in my bad (don’t ask me why but I still remember this kind of details) Because it’s a sacred place, she gave me a beautiful chador. My friend is already inside, with other tourists but we are again separated to visit the place.

I didn’t take any picture because I don’t feel comfortable in sacred place. I don’t like to walk around in the middle of people who are praying. Religious places are full of History and I am sure it was really interesting but to be honest, I didn’t listen to the guide because I was too concentrate on the fact that I wanted to leave… In my opinion, religion is really intimate and personal, so being a tourist in a sacred place is really hard for me.

Time to go to Persepolis

After visiting the Shah Cheragh we walked again around in the city before coming back to the hotel. Honestly, I didn’t like Shiraz that much. I think it’s because I had expectations… The day after, we left to Persepolis.

I am not really a huge fan of old stones, I thought I would be bored there. Especially that we took the complete package : Persepolis, Necropolis and Pasargad. I am writing this post two years after my trip in Iran. As much as I can remember what I felt when I was in Persepolis, I have no souvenirs about Necropolis and Pasargad. However, if you like Persian history, I think it’s a must-see.

Walking around ruins makes me always feel something amazing. Before, there were temples and palaces just there ! It’s in the middle of the desert ! I can’t believe it. The big columns are well conserved and I didn’t have the feeling of being in the middle of old stones.

Panorama de Persepolis – sorry we can’t see anything 🙁

Then we took the plane to go to Tehran to pack and go back home.

Back to Kuwait and feelings

In the plane, I take off my scarf before the plane takes off ! And I find it funny to see every woman in the place doing the same. When I arrived in Abu Dhabi, I went to the door 29 and saw back my Kuwaitis wearing dishdasha – I missed them a bit ! In the plane, I sat next a Kuwaiti who started the conversation in Arabic (I have to learn…) and we spent the whole flight talking together. Yep, it’s the owner of the Dodge Challenger SRT.

I can conclude saying that Iran is a country that we don’t know enough. Do I have to say that Persians are not Arabs ? They told us so many times, so I have to spread the message ! Going to Iran is to see all your clichés being destroyed.

Iranians are really open-minded, welcoming and kind. They want to break the clichés we have about their country. So they are the first one ready to help tourists in need. I collected around 10 phone number from people who wanted to help me or just be my friend.

I believe that life is not that easy for people who lives in Iran. I spent only twelve days in Iran and I always see the beauty of things when I am traveling. I never think about the politic in the country and I try to see it only as what I am : only a tourist. But a lot of people should stop being afraid about coming to Middle-East. We have to be more curious about what happens there.

Iran has a crazy geography ! You can find everything you need when it’s about landscapes : deserts, mountains, towns, cities. Sometimes the landscapes are brown, sometimes they are green, it can change a lot in only one day. Even if you are not interested by History, the beauty of the country worth it.

Actually, Iran looks like a video game… It’s magnificent and amazing, I was like a kid with my big eyes open everyday, astonished by that much beauty. Me, I will have to have a look on my ADN, because nobody believed my “I am french !” and they were all wondering about where is “my middle east face” coming from…

We don’t know Iran that much. It’s a really mysterious country, really secret but full of wealth. And Iranians are part of this wealth : they asked us to say to french people that Iranians are nice and want to have tourist who come to their country to make them discover it. So, I spread the message : go to Iran, it’s a really beautiful country !

And you ? Are you interested by going to Iran ?

Something to say ? :)