The Miracle Morning : How to be a better person by getting up early ?

Do you know the club of 5% ?

In his book, Hal Elrod explain that 95% of people is not really active in their life to make it better. 95% of the population is dealing with their life without expecting to have something better.
And the club of 5% is… well, people who act to succeed. And good news ! If you are interested by The Miracle Morning, it means you want to join the club ! Well, great, you have motivation, what to do now ?

Give yourself a supplement of life !

Hal Elrod talk about a supplement of life. How ? Well, you only need to wake up before 8AM. Every morning, wake up early, do the six Life S.A.V.E.R.S (what is this ?) and you will succeed. But honestly, The Miracle Morning is about productivity, not happiness.

Since I am in Kuwait, I wake up really early. In summer, I wake up around 4AM and in winter, the latest is 5:30AM. It’s all because of the sun ! I also have to be at school at 7:00AM and I need a loooot of time in the morning to get ready.

I already have my supplement of life, and so now ? What do I do with it ? Will I succeed in life if I spend 45 minutes drinking my coffee staring at the wall ? What is better ? Facebook – Instagram like a Zombie or something productive ? What should I do with the hours I have in the morning ?

Basically, it was my mains questions when I started being interested by The Miracle Morning.

The Life S.A.V.E.R.S

What are the Life S.A.V.E.R.S ? I think the name is pretty clear… Hal Elrod had an accident at 20 years old. Short long story : He was at the hospital, thinking about his life. He realized that he wasn’t happy before the accident. Not only about happiness, he didn’t succeed in his job, has a lot of debts… so he starts thinking about what to do to have a better life.
His conclusion ? If your morning is a good one, then your day will be a good day. Make it bigger : a day is a small representation of your life, and if you want to have a better life, you should start in the morning. Step by step, thinking about it, he starts doing the Life S.A.V.E.R.S and tada ! he became being successful.

Ok, so, what are the famous Life S.A.V.E.R.S ?

  • Silence : to focus on yourself, you need silence. You can meditate, pray, or deep breathing.
  • Affirmations : To say loud what you want to become is a good way to reach your goals. You have to believe in what you are saying, and it will help your to become what you are saying.
  • Visualizations : after the affirmations, there are the visualizations. You have to visualize yourself doing what you want to become. For example, visualize yourself while writing the end of your book if you want to be a writer.
  • Exercise : to move helps you to stay motivate. If you activate your body early in the morning, it will help you to be active the whole day.
  • Reading : Hal Elrod advises to read a little bit every morning. Of course, it’s not about reading novels. It’s better to read something useful to help you in your life : self help book for example, or a book about your job.
  • Scribe : It will help you to organize your thoughts. Did you notice ? When you can’t sleep because of one problem, you are able to sleep as soon as you write your problem on the paper. To write will also help you to see your evolution.

And in real life ?

Ok, so now you know the theory. How does it work in practice ? First of all, you have to be OK with Self Help and ready to change some things in the way you see life. My mornings are the same every day :

  • My alarm rings and I wake up immediately. Finish the snooze, finish the please 5 minutes more.
  • I drink my coffee in silence and then I deep breathe for five minutes.
  • I run 40 minutes or I do stretching or yoga at home.
  • I take a shower.
  • I read around 15 minutes (but most of the time, it’s fiction)
  • I write few pages, mostly about how I feel.

Then I take my breakfast, brush my hair and wear make up. So I wake up at 4:30AM and I leave my flat around 7:00AM. I don’t allow me to use my phone before leaving my flat.

As you can see : I don’t do the Visualizations or the Affirmations. I tried once but I felt a bit stupid… My goal in life is to be happy, I am not thinking that much about being super-rich or the CEO of my big big company !

I don’t think I want to be part of the club of 5% and I just want to be happy !

So, what do I earn from this ?

Well. The Miracle Morning gave me the opportunity to have a supplement of life to do things I can’t do at the end of the day. I run in the morning because I am too tired at the end of the day to do it. I read in the morning because it’s the moment I have nothing in mind, same for writing.

When I leave my house for work, I am in a good mood, a better mood than before. I took the time to wake me up slowly and start the day in good conditions. I don’t feel moody when I leave, my body and my mind are ready for the day.

That’s good, right ? But I have to be clear about a small detail… When you take a supplement of life in the morning, you have to sleep really early ! I have to say the truth, at 9PM, I am already in my bed, ready to sleep with an infusion.

And you ? What do you prefer ? Wake up early or late ?

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