Expatriation and weight gain

When it’s about weight, every country has its own standard.

In every society, there is beauty standards. I have the feeling, even if it’s changing, that in France, the beauty is in skinny girls. In Kuwait, it’s the opposite : women have more shapes. Jane Birkin VS Kim Kardashian, more or less.

My relationship with my body

I don’t fit the french-standards : I have nice thighs and correct buttcocks but when it’s about boobs… nobody’s here ! I can’t wear tight dress because there is two sizes between the up of my body and the down.

Now I am good, I know my body and I am ok with it. I know what i can wear (skirts) and what I can’t (tight dresses) But I am kind of lucky, because even if I don’t fit the french-standards, I am in the norms. Not too small or big size, I can find my sizes everywhere.

My relationship with my body depends of the country. In France, I am in the norms. Not too fat, not too skinny. In Portugal, people always told me that I was too skinny and I should eat more !

And in Kuwait…

In Kuwait, I have to be honest : guys tried to flirt with me more when I was at my higher weight… But I didn’t feel well in my body. I felt as if I was about to explode, kind of stuffed. As if there was too much Elisabeth in this body.

I came back to France for holidays and I realized I wasn’t in the norms as I was in before. Really weird feeling.

Twelve kilos later…

When I gain weight, you can’t see it. So, one year after landing in Kuwait, I gained more than 10 kilos without seeing it. Obviously, I felt bad in my clothes, but it was OK for me to wear them. It was just a bit too tigh for me. Let’s say… it was ok to not be able to breathe properly !

In December 2016, I went in France for Christmas and I decided to weigh myself. Twelve kilos. Twelve kilos more than when I left France in August 2015.

Twelve more kilos is fifteen kilos too much for me. I know what happened  : late breakfast on the seaside, big plates always empty at the end of the meal, smoothies or Caramel Macchiato as snacks, big dinners and sweets at 11PM…
All this food finished on my thighs… and 12 kilos later, I decided to change something in my life. I decided to lose this weigh.

How did I lose fifteen kilos ?

If you want to lose fifteen kilos in one month, leave this page ! It took me one year and half. I lost fifteen kilos and they never came back again 🙂

Why ?

Before losing weigh, you have to understand why. Why did I gain weigh ? Why do I want to lose weigh ?

If you can understand what happened and why you gained weigh, it’s gonna be easier for you to lose it. You have to be honest with yourself (which is the hardest part) During ten days, write everything you eat and drink.

I did it and I realized that I ate way too much.

Again : why ? Why do I eat that much ? Is it because I am bored ? Is it because when I am with friends I feel I have to eat that much ?

Yes, that was my point. When I am with friends, I eat as much as I can. I can’t say no, I can’t say “I am not hungry”. For me, to eat is a real social thing.

So now, what do I do ?

My first step ? Stop running. I know it’s weird to stop running when you want to lose weigh. But after writing everything I eat and drink, I saw that the day I run, I eat as if it was the last day of my life !

And then, I decided to listen to my body : I eat only when I am hungry. If I am hungry at 5PM, I will have my meal at this time. And I won’t have dinner because I won’t be hungry at night.

You need to forget the social habits when it’s about food. It doesn’t mean I am starving, no, no, I only  eat when I am hungry. So I learned how to say no when I am invited somewhere and I can’t eat more.
I adapt my schedule for when I am hungry or not.

I have to confess : I almost stopped sugar also. I don’t have cakes, sweets or snacks at home anymore. If I want sweets, I will take a good one, nothing else ! If I want chocolate, it will be a crepe from Dip&Dip, nothing else.

And to not gain weigh again ?

When I lost the first 10 kilos, I went back on running. After this, the 5 last kilos disappeared by themselves. I am not obsessed by my weigh, I am just trying to feel good in my body.

So now I listen to my body and I know I can gain fifteen kilos without seeing it. I know my body, my habits and I know what to do to not gain weigh again.

To conclude

For those who are too lazy to read all the post, is there a resume.

Try to understand why you gained weigh.

Try alone : write what you eat and what you drink. Don’t forget anything. Then, watch it and try to analyse the way you eat. You should be able to understand why you gained weigh. It can be because you don’t eat well, or because you eat too much. And if you can’t do it alone, don’t be shy and ask for help. Sometimes, we just need a new eye on our stuff.

At the end, you might only need to change small few habits and be patient.
Today,  I can eat whatever I want because I know my body. Sometimes, you will see me eating Shake Shack or McDonalds without feeling guilty, and my weigh doesn’t change. Believe me, this is the best feeling ever !

Something to say ? :)