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How to choose your next trip ?

Two years ago, I posted one question on my Facebook account : Sri Lanka, Nepal or Iran ? I couldn’t make a choice so I let people choose for me. Few minutes after, I had a text from one of my friend. “If you are going to Iran, I’ll go with you”. As soon as I read it, I booked my flight and ten days after, I was waiting for my friend in Teheran.

How to  get the visa to Iran ?

The struggle started at the airport. I’d looked how to get the visa on arrival and apparently I decided to not follow any advice. You need a booking for an hotel (or a phone number in Iran), an insurance and 85 dollars (or 75 euros. You should take a little bit more because it can get more expensive)

Me at the airport : no insurance, no booking, no phone number and only 70 dollars, 60 euros and a lot of Kuwaiti dinars. I sat on a bench and waited for more than hour… but I got it ! I got the famous visa. What a relief, because to be honest, I was already picturing me taking an other flight to go back to Kuwait ! I waited for my friend with an Iranian girl who tried to help me to find an hotel (it was a fail) but at least, I saw how welcoming and nice are Iranians.

I was so happy when I saw my friend with his luggage ! It was the beginning of the holidays. We changed some money and left the airport. It’s really important to know that in Iran, you can’t use your credit card. You have to plan your budget before travelling to Iran.

What are the best cities to see in Iran ?

We stayed twelve days in Iran. Too short to enjoy the country as much as you can, so we had to make a choice about the cities we wanted to see. Obviously, to stay twelve days is not long enough to enjoy a country as big as is Iran but it’s good enough for a first trip. As long as you are smart enough to think about the best way to optimize your time.

We landed and stayed for the first days in Teheran, after we took the bus to go to Kashan, we left for Isfahan (or Ispahan), then we went to Yazd, then Shiraz (and Persepolis) and we went back to Teheran for the end of the trip.

Are they the best cities in Iran ? I have no idea about it. But I really loved this trip and I dont have any regret about our choice to visit the cities and places in Iran.

What about the prices ?

For The plane

From Paris, you can find a direct flight with Air France. From Kuwait, you can have a direct flight with Kuwait Airways, I traveled with Emirates and Gulf Air (I think it was the cheapest and the shortest for my dates) and I had a short stop in Abu Dhabi.

To sleep

Couch-surfing works really well in Iran, so if you like it, go for it ! It’s a beautiful way to discover a country and Iranians are so nice, welcoming and friendly ! You can be invited really easily in some houses. One day, I will tell you how we ended up sleeping and eating in a house with people we didn’t know fifteen minutes before.

Otherwise, you can find really easily small hotels for a correct price. Well, ok, to be honest, it can be a bit expensive for what you will have, depending of where you are and how you travel. In my memories, you can find a correct room for 50 euros, with the bathroom. For French people, and i think it’s the same for all europeans : you can share a room with someone who is not your husband/wife but you will mostly have two beds. You can always negotiate the price, especially if you stay more than a night. But go check the room before saying yes and go around to check more hotels to find the good one !

To eat

Iranian food is a diamond. Full of smells and spices you don’t know, but it’s also a really generous way of cooking. You will always be full after an Iranian meal ! You can eat for every price, depending of the restaurant you are looking for. Around ten euros per day and per person look enough to eat correctly in Iran.

Ok, I already said it but : be careful, you can’t use your credit card. So better to take a little bit more. I travelled to Iran in 2016, so I can’t guarantee that the prices are still the same today !

What about the habits ?

First of all, women have to cover their hair, so don’t forget to take a light scarf to cover your head. Iranians women don’t cover their full head, you will see it when you will arrive. For the clothes, long pants, long sleeves, no neckline.

Iranians are tolerant with tourists but still, you have to respect the habits in the country. Men can wear short sleeves but better to wear long pants. No shorts, no bermudas.

If you travel with your wife or your husband, don’t show affection in public place. No kisses, don’t hold hands or hugs.

I think that’s all ! Now you are ready to travel to Iran ! You can read my posts about Iran there and there !

Is Iran a country you want to visit or not at all ? Are you planning to go there ?

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