A weekend in a castle

I am French but I didn’t travel in France that much. I traveled a lot outside of France, I crossed a lot of borders and my passport is full of visa but when it’s about France… So, every time I go to France for summer, I try to visit some places close to Paris to know better France. So, I went to the Chateau de Montvillargenne for two days !

The biggest castle in France

The Chateau de Montvillargenne is built in a big park : around 6ha of greenery in the middle of the forest in Chantilly, at around 30 kilometers from Paris. This huge castle seems to be in the middle of nowhere but it’s close to Chantilly, which is known for its castle, its racecourse, its horses races and, of course, the famous crème Chantilly !

The hotel-castle is a perfect place to rest for a long weekend. A swimming-pool, a SPA, a hammam, a gym, a place to enjoy massages, also a nice bar to enjoy cocktails, and a really good gastronomic french restaurant : everything you need to enjoy the weekend ! If I really want to be honest with you : the restaurant worth the stay !

A princess for two nights

We needed only one hour the reach the place, and even if the roads are not really amazing, the greenery always makes me happy. When you live in Kuwait, you are used to the sands, so when you see trees around you while you are driving, believe me, it’s already kind of a dream !

The welcome in the hotel is correct, even if we arrived a bit late. Too late to enjoy the restaurant the first night, but you can eat something in the bar. For us : omelet and fries (what a French dinner !) At the reception, they explain us where to go to go to our room : go straight, then to the left, after to the right, left again … like a labyrinth ! There is 120 rooms in the hotel : some are in the castel, and some are in the extension. Ours is in the extension, it’s a bit small, it’s really hot inside but it will be OK for two night. The room is calm, quiet, clean and close to the pool.

The castle is wonderful, big, surrounded by big trees, it’s really green everywhere.

A perfect place to relax

After a delicious breakfast (the buffet is really good, not too big but full of quality products) we decided to go to the swimming pool to enjoy the sauna and the hammam we have at our disposal. The pool is inside but there is space outside to enjoy the sun.

You can enjoy the hammam and the sauna really easily. The hammam is wet steam, it will help you to clean your skin and the sauna is a dry heat bath, and apparently it’s perfect for the heart and for the articulation. I am sure about one thing : it’s perfect to relax ! In the middle of the afternoon, we enjoy a short massage (only 25 minutes !) but it’s the perfect time to not fall asleep in the middle of it ! Which is my biggest problem when it’s about massage !

As I said : the gastronomic restaurant is really good : we are welcomed with small toasts, and then an amuse-bouche. Everything is good, the food is really fresh and you leave the restaurant without feeling stuff but with the perfect feeling that you ate enough food. Salty, sweet, drinks, everything is perfect !

Perfect to take a deep breath close to Paris !

I really loved my weekend at the Chateau de Montvillargenne. Ok, my holidays started one month before and so I didn’t need to relax that much… But I have to confess : when I left the castle, I was totally relax and stressless, no more back pain and a free mind ! To not think about anything for two days is something I recommend to everyone !

Something to say ? :)