Holidays in France

30 of June 2018, my flight takes off at 4:25am but I won’t be in. Because of my cat’s papers forgot in the car, I have to run around all Kuwait to catch the next flight, the 1:40pm one. Thanks to God, the luck, my friend Ahmed and a lot of will, I can jump in the Turkish Airlines plane. I will arrive in France at 10:40pm and won’t be able to watch the Portugal’s game against Uruguay (and Portugal lost)

But now, here I am ! My holidays, I spend them in the family house in the Parisian suburb. To whom who don’t know : in Kuwait, alcohol is illegal and so is the pork. Impossible to find a beer with alcohol and a good sausage in the supermarket. So, this is my short list of what you have to do to spend nice holidays in the Parisian suburb after a few months in the desert.

You will enjoy the food.

The first thing I do when I arrive in France, is to eat a wonderful butter and ham sandwich from the first bakery I cross. For whom who never lived outside of France don’t understand the lack of a good French baguette. The fresh bread is only good in France, it’s a fact. So, to hear the crunch of the bread, to feel the mellowness of the bread and the marvelous smell of the baguette are the best feelings in the world.

And also a good beer in terrace.

I am a not a huge alcohol drinker. I don’t like wine or strong alcohol. But when I arrive in France, as soon as it’s time to eat, I love to sit outside to ask for a good cold beer. Forgetting about the grogginess who comes fast, the bubbles, the cold and the taste are like my madeleine de Proust.

You will never get tired of the clouds.

In Kuwait, we don’t have a lot of clouds. The sky is often blue, but with a pollution filter. There is no cloud. The sky is just blue, the sun comes up, burn and then go down and the sky is empty of clouds. It’s impossible to imagine forms in the sky, impossible to lay down in the grass and watch the clouds moving thanks to the wind.

The freshness will vivify you

It’s not the case for this really hot summer, but generally what I prefer when I spend the summer in France, it’s the freshness. We are wearing a T-shirt during the day and at evening, you have to wear a small jacket. After months with 45 degrees, thunders and rain are always welcome. I am dreaming about wearing a jacket, a hoodie and hear the sound of the rain on my window.

You will spend time with your old friends.

The hard part when you are an expat’, is to make good friends. Expatriates are mostly in Kuwait only for a few years, so it’s hard for me to build a trusted surrounding. When I am coming back to France, I always try to fulfill my love tank seeing as much as I can my friends and my family. I spend lunches and diners only speaking french with people who have the same humor : I have to confess, it’s easier !

You will not forget to rest !

My time in Paris is holidays so I enjoy as much as I can to sleep, spend time on my couch, to live slowly and take time to do no nothing. I spend the year in Kuwait running between the school, preparations, the house and my different hobbies, so spending time being pampered by my mum in France is as if I can breathe again. I am sure about one thing : I’ve never had a skin as clear as I have after a complete month in France !

Something to say ? :)