Eye’s surgery

When I was 8 years old, at school, the nurse wrote a note to my parents : I had to go to the ophthalmologist, and I had to go quickly.

Obviously, I don’t remember my first appointment, but I remember that I heard the words myopia, glasses and astigmatic. It was the beginning for me of the kind of hell : a lot of time wasted looking for the perfect glasses, take them off, put them on depending on the situation. And… At 15 years old, the ophthalmologist told me that I had to always wear my glasses.

It’s for me the beginning of a boring life : a vision with the frame of my glasses. In the front, it’s ok, but if I look up, it’s fuzzy, when I look down, it’s blurry. I will try to forget the four years wearing lenses who dried my eyes and talk directly about my last appointment to talk about the surgery.

From the first tests…

Good news : my vision didn’t move for three years ! The doctor did the first tests, she checks if my eyes have enough good tears for example. To be honest, I can’t remember what she checked, it was like the other times, but this time the conclusion was an appointment at the clinic two days after to do the surgery one week after. At the clinic, I have to do some other tests, nothing painful, but I didn’t ask what they need to test. But the doctor is really clear : I can do the surgery next week, the intervention is planed at 9am, I have to take a pill one hour before. No lenses a week before the surgery and no make up the day before.

To the surgery.

The day before, right before going to bed, I take my pill to have a peaceful night. I wake up pretty relaxed and I think that maybe I don’t need the second pill anymore. But at 7:30am, I start being nervous and I patiently wait for the time to take the pill and at 8:57, I reach the clinic.
The doctor’s assistant prepares me for the surgery : I have to wear something on my hair, something on my shoes and a a blouse. She puts anesthetic drops in my eyes and after  it’s time for the intervention !

The intervention is really short : it lasts around 30 minutes. There is a first laser, it lasts 22 seconds and you feel a pression on your eye and then another a second laser, this one lasts only 8 seconds. The doctor, the two assistants and me are talking about everything. The intervention is not really painful and thirty minutes after, I go out and I can see ! It’s a little bit fuzzy – I have like a white veil – but I can see ! I have something to wear on my eyes to protect them and they let me rest for twenty minutes.

And then ?

After the twenty minutes rest, my mom came to take me back home. The light is really hard outside, I have to walk with my eyes closed even if I am wearing sunglasses. After 30 minutes driving, I am back home and the anesthesia doesn’t work anymore. I feel like I have something in my eyes, my mum put the antibiotic drop and then the fake tear. I have to put it every two hours. I fall asleep and I wake up two hours later, my eyes are crying and now it’s a bit painful, it’s hard for me to open my eyes but I put the drops and sleep again during two more hours. When I wake up, it’s like I didn’t do anything to my eyes : no more pain, no more tears.

I stayed in the dark until this morning, but I ate without glasses for the first time of my life. I can see everything and I am lucky because I don’t have any white veil in front of my eyes. I have to sleep with the protection for my eyes and keep the drops during one week. I am not allowed to touch my eyes and to wear make up for a week. But to see without glasses or lenses totally worth it !

Something to say ? :)