Dusty days

I really like to be in Kuwait, there are more advantages than cons in my opinion. But there is one thing I really hate here : the dusty days and storm dust. A few months before going to Kuwait, I checked a lot the weather and I was surprised and curious reading that, some days, it was dusty.

I am here for almost three years and I got used to the winter cold, the summer heat, but the dusty days… yeurk, I think I will never get used to it. I checked on météo-paris and I discovered how the storm sand happens. It’s between unstable air and air extremely hot. So, when I said ok to live in Kuwait, I knew I would face it one day or the other. But I didn’t know it would become the thing I hate the most.

Seasonal depression

A day under the dust has the same effect on the mood as a day under the Parisian fog : it’s sad and depressing. Nobody is outside, the sun comes out times to times to disappear as soon as possible, the world under the dust is as sad as the world under the rain or the fog. But you also have to add itching eyes, dry eyes and nose and the feeling that you always have something in the throat. Dry hair and the feeling of being an old and dusty table are also part of the thing. You can’t breathe properly, there is no more oxygen, the days under the dust are, for me, really tiring.

During the sandstorm, we all have kind of a yellowish veil in front of our eyes during the whole day. The eyes are too dry that scratching them is like hell, the nose is dry too and you also have to add the sand smell that it seems to be everywhere in your life. It’s like the cold tobacco smell : the clothes smell dust, your hair smells dust, your house smells dust because dust goes everywhere. To have a tiny beach in front of your window is never something you like to see after a day at work.

Dusty day or mud day ?

And we can’t forget that, some days, the rains come to the party ! Most of the time, it’s only a few drops, but those drops seem to be so heavy when they fall on your head… and they are ! Because it’s not only rain drop, they are also full of dust. You can see it when it starts raining while you are driving : when the rain get dry, you can see big dust stains. It’s always really disgusting when you realize that this is what rain on you.

I saw a french artist who didn’t stop his show during a huge sandstorm, so I guess we will be able to live our life peacefully, waiting for better days without dust !

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