A car’s story

When I arrived in Kuwait, the first thing I saw is, obviously, all the beautiful cars we can see everywhere. Every morning, I sent pictures of Porsche, Lamborghini, Camaro or Dodge to my friends and my brother. I remember I was in an old Chevrolet to do my paperwork and one day a Kuwaiti asked me to come in his Ferrari because, maybe, I will never have the chance again to come into a Ferrari…

When I came back from Iran, I met a Kuwaiti in the plane, we had a long chat in the plane, then at the airport and we met again a few times. This boy was driving a Dodge Challenger SRT. He had bought it during his studies in the United States, he drove from East to West (or maybe West to East ?) in the US with his car and he talked about it in a so romantic way : the most beautiful love story I’ve ever seen. And… one day, I went in.

I am not a big fan of cars, it was hard for me to make the difference between a Citroen and a Renault when I was a kid, and still now, I am a bit confused. My first car was a Polo Volkswagen, really good to drive in a City and it was hard for me to understand all the conversation about which BMW is the best and which car was ours “dream car”. I only knew Porsche and I am not able to make the difference between a Panamera and a Cayman.

And one day, I went in my friend’s Challenger. When I sat inside, I made the promise that one day, this car will be mine. It was at the end of my first year.

Life in Kuwait is weird for me car I never know if I will stay. Often, in January, I want to go back close to my family and in September I am always happen to be back in the desert… I didn’t think a lot about buying a car, because having a loan when you have the feeling that you won’t stay it’s a hard step. So i always rented a car : I take it in September and give it back in June. End of the story.

And one day, after a tensed conversation with the guy from the rental company, I decided I will never talk to him again. Two days after, I was at the dealership. I went there with a friend, thought that I didn’t want a so-powerful-car and I directly went to the Challenger. The seller told me it wasn’t a V8, unfortunately, I said it wasn’t a big deal and I thought thanks God it’s not a V8 ! I wanted my car to be black, but there were only orange, mental grey and grey cement. Obviously, car’s color name have exotic names like Mango or Destroy grey. A few days after, I was in front of the destroy grey Challenger on the parking. Dirty and still protected, I had a big big crush on it. It was love at the first sight, nothing less ! I said to my friend I love this car, I said to the seller, I want this car. The day after, I was in front of the banker, making jokes and signing contracts written in Arabic. I heard a lot of felicitations, congratulations, Mabrouk ! And then, I had to wait.

Thursday, 2 of November, it’s 6:10pm, I am at the airport, I went to pick my friend up who is coming back from Dubai and my phone rings : your car is ready, Elisabeth ! When I hang up the phone, my friend is coming to me, I wish him a good welcome back and, talking as fast as I can, I tell him that my car is ready and because he helped me, we can go to pick it up right now !

Twenty minutes later, we are at the dealership. Four minutes after, I am driving. One week now and everyday I think it was the best idea of my life. To buy this car is a good way to accept that Kuwait is my home, now.


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